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Keysio for buyers and sellers

Have you received an invitation to Keysio from an estate agent? Keysio is the new platform where you can follow everything about your property transaction in one place

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Keysio helps you complete your new property transaction as quickly as possible. It brings everyone together in one place. You can see the different stages your property transaction is going through, as well as receive alerts each time there is any update from anyone involved.

How it works


Click the link you have received in your email from the estate agent


Check the property details are correct and let the estate agent know if they need updating


If the estate agent hasn't already done so, you can add your solicitor to the platofrm so they can add and see any updates


You can view all the stages in the transaction, the rough timeline of events, and request any updates if things aren't moving as fast as you'd like

Illustrated screenshots

Core Features

Handshake icon

Request updates when it suits you

You can request an update from anyone involved in the transaction at the click of a button

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Full visibility of the transaction process

You can see what's happening at every stage of the transaction process

Chat icon

Group Chat

Easily chat to your agent and solicitor via our group chat function enabiling  you to keep all your communication in one easy place.

Storage icon

Document Storage

Fed up of documents being stored in emails, whatsapp and via online links? You can now store them all securely in one place so if you need to come back to them in the future they’ll be easy to find while making sure that they are restricted to only those that are allowed to see them

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