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Keysio for solicitors

Fed up with everyone asking your for updates all the time, fed up with your opposite party firing off enquiries right, left and center and clogging up your inobox?

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At Keysio, we understand that property conveyancincgcan be frustrating and time-consuming. That's why we've designed a user-friendly platform that helps you manage any property sale queries. Our system allows you to raise your enquiries directly and choose who receives the updates, making communication seamless and transparent and reducing the calls and email chasers you receive.

How it works


Click the link you have received in your email from the estate agent or your client


You will be able to see the property milestones that you are involved in


Got an enquiry, raise it directly with your opposite party and updates can be shared automatically with whoever you want. Got a general update on a stage you can add that too.


Need an update from someone, just send a request with a couple of clicks. Had a request for an update, no need to log in, just click the link in the email and send the update and everyone receives it directly in their inbox

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Core Features

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Request updates when it suits you

You can request an update from anyone involved in the transaction at the click of a button

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Raise enquiries and keep updates in one place

Got an enquiry about the transaction, raise it directly in Keysio  You can choose who automatically gets the update reducing the need for people to contact you

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Share updates simple

Someone asked for an update? Just click the link on the email, enter your update and off it goes. No need to log in and click through multiple screens

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Document Storage

Fed up of documents being stored in emails, whatsapp and via online links? You can now store them all securely in one place so if you need to come back to them in the future they’ll be easy to find while making sure that they are restricted to only those that are allowed to see them

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